Lisa DuBois

... New York photojournalist , Artist and curator

My camera is a Mirror
it creates photographs that Reflect how I see the world.


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I create photo-art that presents a conceptual view of the human condition. Traveling to other parts of the world helped me appreciate the need for preserving traditions and maintaining cultural diversity in our society. Simply put, inspiration comes from an intense curiosity for all people, places and things. 

In my work, I use a mixture of photography, computer manipulation and painting to achieve a desired result. Variations of color or monochromatic tones are used to reflect the mood of the image. Occasionally, I will reconstruct a photo to add dimension to the scene. I don’t use the same formula for each body of work; however, all of the work is linked to positive and negative aspects of human existence. I prefer to document places and events that arouse in me an emotional response that I can visually translate and convey to others. 

I search for new ways to tell familiar stories about human nature. Photo-art is a blend of reality and surrealism. I’ve discovered there are no limits to the interpretations that can be derived from a single image; there is a constantly changing interaction taking place between the viewer and image. My work is intricately connected with who I am; an inquisitive spectator exploring new perspectives on humankind and subcultures in the world. 

Lisa DuBois